Becoming a student nurse

The reason the NHS should be free at the point of delivery: Tales from America

It’s Sunday night, it’s been dark for about four hours now, so I’ve got candles burning and the soft glow of some bargain fairy lights casting shadows...

Success! Passing my first MCQ bioscience exam

The clock hit 9am, and I excused myself from the ward where I’d been working since 7am. Hospitals seem to be black holes of signal, sucking precious...

Diary of a student nurse: What’s it like on placement?

So, the first half of my adult nursing placement is over, officially, today. I’ve been ward-based for a month now, learning the ins and outs of how...

Questions people ask nursing students

You get paid to be a student? And you don’t owe anything once you graduate? Wow, you must be rolling in it. Erm, no. Because while your...

date night?

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