Becoming a student nurse

Questions to ask at the end of your student nurse interview

So you’ve followed our UCAS guidance for your student nurse application and WOW! you have an interview. Seriously, well done. Places are competitive for nursing students and...

My 6Cs in action: Compassion

The 6Cs are principles all nurses adhere to in their day-to-day life, on and off the job. Courage, compassion, communication, care, competence and cunning. Wait, scratch the...

How to stay sane at university: the UK student nurse guide

Life as a student nurse is a special kind of hectic. You forget what day it is. You forget what it’s like having cash. You forget what...

For nursing students: How to write a reflective essay quickly

Reflection. A mirror into your very soul, or in the case of student nurses, a dreaded word that comes attached with a hefty word count and a...

Budgeting as a first year student nurse

Budgeting as a mature student isn’t easy. A mature student nurse, to boot. While your average fresher gets a nice chunk of student loan dropped into their...

Date night?